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08446480240 or +448446480240

Sushmita * commented 18/07/2019
I get frequent and abusive calls from this number. Please help me with this.


02030260024 or +442030260024

Udit * commented 18/07/2019
He called my number. When I picked up the phone and said hello, the caller hung up after a couple of seconds.


01895634801 or +441895634801

Sharon * commented 18/07/2019
I'm just curious to find out about the owner of this number, because he asks to borrow money


01553912178 or +441553912178

shelia commented 17/07/2019
who are you and why are you calling me


07424796976 or +447424796976

Anonymus commented 17/07/2019
Crash for cash?


02077811234 or +442077811234

1 commented 17/07/2019
who is this?


01246046268 or +441246046268

David commented 17/07/2019
This is not a number I recognise. It rang my mobile which I didn't answer. No voicemail was left so I assume it was a scam.


07960139488 or +447960139488

annabel barnes commented 17/07/2019
A persistent nuisance and fantasist, a cynical aster of other peoples time with some very strange fantasies. To be avoided at all costs


07588807287 or +447588807287

Pernilla commented 17/07/2019
Hej is a scammer.


01457828763 or +441457828763

Linda commented 17/07/2019
Called saying it was off-com BT our internet was being disconnected as they had detected hackers. Press 1 to speak to BT or 2 for someone else. We are not with BT anyway.


02079939971 or +442079939971

Amanj Kakarash commented 17/07/2019
I am from Iraq, KRI, I have received a viber call from this number and I was hearing my voice when received the call then immediately I hunged up.


01464948122 or +441464948122

Eaves commented 17/07/2019
Says. From MasterCard £600 to a foreign country please press 1 for information


02055798616 or +442055798616

Justin commented 17/07/2019
a scam number to get control of your computer and then back details


07913331894 or +447913331894

Williams commented 17/07/2019
Answered my phone; woman at other end said " are you all right?" I said, "yes." She just rang off.


02038689323 or +442038689323

Sune Johnson commented 17/07/2019
Keep doing unsolicited calls


07398281777 or +447398281777

M commented 17/07/2019
ATTENTION! This is a scammer!


01732883384 or +441732883384

Maja commented 17/07/2019
I live in Germany. This number can be a scam.


07872145346 or +447872145346

Ana commented 17/07/2019
I live outside the United Kingdom, I receive calls from this number and others, also from the United Kingdom. Who are they? Whst do they want? Does anyone know who they are? Thank you!


01915960040 or +441915960040

Chas commented 17/07/2019
Silent caller hung up as I answered


02036700049 or +442036700049

Paulin commented 17/07/2019
RAndom caller